A collection of photographs and historical information produced by Ashe County Historical Society in 2002.



Ashe County Revisited focuses on the distinctive geographical features of Ashe County and how the geography shaped the remarkable pioneers who settled the region. These hardy folk came from the relative security of the Piedmont and valleys of Virginia and North Carolina to a mountainous region dominated by 5,000-foot peaks, fertile bottomland, and vast stretches of timberland and meadowland. They forded the many streams feeding the two forks of the New River and carved roads around and through sheer granite walls. They mined ore from the mountains and felled vast timber resources before replanting the forests and developing new industries. The character of Ashe County reflects how these pioneers learned to live with the demands of the harsh mountainous environment. The residents of the county and their myriad accomplishments are celebrated once again in a stunning visual history. 128 pages.  $21.99