In The Works


We are currently working on several publishing projects:

1. The update of the Ashe County Cemetery Records book published in 1999. This will include new information on cemeteries not listed in the original, as well as additions, corrections, and updates covering 1999-2009.

2. A compilation of the Mountaineer Heritage books originally by the students of Northwest Ashe High School from 1970’s-1990’s. This will be a multiple volume set with complete indexes.

3. The architectural survey of Ashe County done in 2006 featuring 600+ architecturally significant homes in Ashe County.

4. The fourth in our Arcadia “Images” series focusing on the town of West Jefferson, its founding, businesses, services, events, importance, legacy, and people.

Anyone interested in helping with any of these projects contact us online, by phone, or come to one of our monthly meetings!

  1. Gary McMillan
    Gary McMillan03-05-2015

    I originally took the compilation of Russell ,Hamilton and posted almost all burial records on Find-A-Graver. Since then Chet Walker has visited these cemeteries and posted updated records.

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