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This Week in Ashe County History:

1888-12-10David Worth died in Creston. Worth came to Creston around 1828. A tanner by trade, he was soon involved in several successful business ventures including a store, a mill and a wagon factory.  Worth became one of the most prominent residents of Creston. When he died, Worth left land and money in his will to construct a church for the Creston community. The resulting building, Worth's Chapel, is one of the most stunning buildings in Ashe County; it is currently listed on the National Historic Register.
1890-12-11Linville Eller was killed by John Z. Neal. Eller was the ringleader of a notorious gang of robbers that attacked stores and residences in Ashe County. Several members of the gang, including Linville's brothers had been arrested earlier in the year after they robbed Solomon Cox's store in Nathan's Creek. However, Linville remained at large. After a reward for his capture was offered, John Neal set out in pursuit. He found Eller at a local liquor still, and after a brief fight, Neal shot and killed the accused outlaw. Linville Eller's wife later sued Neal, seeking compensation for difficulties arising from the death of her husband.,
1784-12-14On this day, the State of Franklin came into being. This 'state' was formed from modern day Washington, Greene and Sullivan County Tennessee as well as the Watauga and Holston settlements. Because its original charter claimed all land west of the Blue Ridge, many early residents of Ashe County also considered themselves residents of this early state. In fact many early Ashe County deeds were registered in Jonesborough, Tennessee, the capital of Franklin. This small state, containing only 25,000 people, was never formally recognized, and ceased to exist in 1789.  
1850-12-14On this day an escaped slave was arrested by members of the Ashe County militia. The fugitive slave has escaped the farm of his owner, Joseph Billings of Surrey County, and had spent nearly two years raiding and attacking residents of Ashe and Surrey County (Ashe at that time also contained what is today Alleghany County). After killing Captain Black, a local militia leader, it was deemed appropriate to called out an armed force to pursue the fugitive. After being discovered, the escaped slave was shot through the leg by Lewis W. Bryant. He was taken to prison to await trial.