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This Week in Ashe County History:

01-31-1856On this day, Memphis Blevins was born. Blevins would become the first superintendent of Ashe County schools. Prior to his tenure, all schools in the county were funded and operated independently by local communities.
02-01-1906On this day, the Virginia Carolina and Southern was incorporated. This corporation was established to bring a train line from Damascus, Virginia into Ashe County. At the time of its incorporation, much excitement was felt in Jefferson, which hoped to be an eventual rail stop. When the rail did final come to Ashe County nine years later, Jefferson was ignored in favor of the new depot at West Jefferson.
02-03-1943On this day, Albert Lewis became the first Ashe County casualty in World War Two. Lewis died when the troop transport ship he was on, the Dorchester, was attacked by torpedo in the Atlantic Ocean. Of the 904 on board, 675 died.