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This Week in Ashe County History:

10-06-1933ON this date, Ashe County native Monte Weaver pitched game 4 of the 1933 World Series against the New York Giants. He pitched against 4 Hall of Fame players including Mel Ott, and Carl Hubbell. Weaver, who was born in Helton and attended college at Emory and Henry, pitched 10 ½ innings, allowing only 2 runs to score.
10-07-1780On this day, Patriot militia forces, many of them residents of Ashe and surrounding counties, met the British Tory forces led by Major Patrick Ferguson at the Battle of King's Mountain. After a two hour long struggle, the Patriots were victorious and Major Ferguson was killed. This defeat led General Corwallis to abandon his attempts to subdue the Southern colonies and return to an encampment at Yorktown, where he would ultimately surrender to George Washington, thus ending the American Revolution.
10-07-1861On this date, Col. George Bower was drowned in the Yadkin River. Bower was one of the most well known and wealthiest citizens in antebellum Ashe County. He operated the brick inn in Jefferson and ran a large plantation in Nathan's Creek. Prior to the Civil War, Bower was Ashe County's largest slaveholder. He drowned in the Yadkin River while pursuing a runaway slave. His coach turned over in the flooded water, and the elderly Bower, who was also suffering a leg injury at the time, was unable to escape. Bower is buried in the Jefferson town cemetery.
10-08-1842On this day, John V. Miller was born. Mr. Miller was a Confederate Veteran, and Postmaster of Venus, NC, now known as Glendale Springs, from 1988-1908.